Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keeping the dream alive

I first read up about Malawi table tennis a month ago. Back then, as the Youth Olympics approach, I predicted two types of coverages would happen. Firstly, the media would gun in the big teams - China, Russia, USA. Secondly, the local Singapore media would give extensive coverage to our athletes.

Therefore, I set out for a personal challenge to cover the lesser known side of the Olympics, to explore the bigger world out there beyond my home. I wanted to do what I felt was the most important role of journalism, to give a voice to the voiceless. Of course, I also wanted to produce a fresh piece of work for others to enjoy. 

I was glad to have given Malawi a presence in the Young Olympian Daily, a country which otherwise would not be covered in the mainstream media. They have a great story behind them, a story beyond winning and glamour. It was also my first time dealing with a story ridden with emotion, and I had to be careful about writing it. 

Now as the YOG is ending, I reflect on my mistakes and shortcomings during the Games, and hope improve my reporting in the future, taking it to new heights. 

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