Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Facing the world stage

I was sent on a singles assignment on last Tuesday. The theme is T-30, a photo to capture the last 30 minutes before the competition. While my original aim was boxing in the evening, I decided to check out rhythmic gymnastics at noontime. Access was restricted, but I overcame the limitations after awhile by trying my luck at at some angles. I managed to capture this:

I managed to capture a boxing photo earlier on. The effects were not so good though. My lens were limited and the action was too fast. Boxers only revealed their faces for a couple of seconds at times.

 Fradimil Macayo from Venezuela (in blue) fighting it out fiercely with Suslekov Denislav from Bulgaria at Men's Feather (57kg) Bronze Medal Bout. Fradimil, 18, eventually beat Suslekov, 16, by a score of 8-3. 

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