Monday, September 20, 2010

Head kick!

I was an official photographer for the Singapore Taekwando Federation during the National Taekwando Championships for the first half of September. The action took place at Yishun Sports Hall and I saw it as an opportunity to practice.

Samuel Lee from NTU receives a kick in the head from his rival at the Taekwando finals. Despite his efforts, he eventually lost 11-22.

Throughout the 4-day long tournament, family members, coaches and friends would record the exciting bout on video.

A coach waits nervously as his pupil prepares to enter the taekwando ring.

Uncle 'Bong', as my friend Xiong Sheng calls him, talks to his children as he prepares for the big fight later. This year, the tournament featured a new above-40 category, and this veteran is preparing to relive his passion after stopping for decades. 

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