Thursday, September 2, 2010

Making waves beyond sailing

I was sent as a photographer for a story about national sailor Teo Wee Chin. I originally planned for action shots on the sea, but it rained heavily that day and Wee Chin couldn't go out onto the waters. Since it was a profile picture, I decided to try the environmental portrait style, capturing him with his training boat. It wasn't hard - Wee Chin was a really nice guy who gave me plenty of time to try out different angles.

Chosen shot:

When the Nanyang Chronicle was out on the first day of school, my photos didn't look too bad. :) I guess I had improved from my first environmental shot involving my subject in US, with a clean and clear background, good composition. In fact, even the colours match:

Credit goes to Yan Yu for writing a great story. I really enjoyed reading it. It was a real pity that she lost her slippers that day after she took them off to enter the beach. Either taken by the waves, or spirited away by deft hands. =(

Two other pictures used by the Nanyang Chronicle:

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